Mini Waffle Maker

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Make waffles, minus the mess. The WW by Dash Mini Waffle Maker lets you make this breakfast favourite with ease—but don’t stop there. You can also make hash browns, cookie waffles, and more, so get creative!

Why We Love This:

There’s no limit to what you can make with the WW by Dash Mini Waffle Maker. In addition to a delicious, single-serve waffles, you can also make hash browns, paninis—even biscuit home-made waffles! Plus, It heats up quickly and evenly, and its non-stick surface makes cleaning up a breeze.

Bonus!!! Waffle recipe booklet - refreshing and delicious PersonalPoints friendly recipes to make the most of your new Mini Waffle Maker.

  • Compact size is ideal for any kitchen
  • Single serve product offers a perfectly portioned control alternative
  • Skip the scrubbing with dual non-stick cooking surfaces
  • Heats evenly for perfect single-serve waffles