A great tasting sugar substitute!

Naturally Sweet Monk Fruit Blend Sweetener is a delicious blend of erythritol and organic monk fruit extract. This 100% natural sweetener has a clean, sweet taste with no bitter after-taste. It is also easy to use and can be substituted for sugar on a 1:1 basis and is 0 PersonalPoints per serve!



Looking for a show stopping dessert to impress your guests? Then look no further than this creamy, tangy baked cheesecake. Regular cheesecake can be very high in PersonalPoints but if you make it yourself you can save big on your PersonalPoints Budget without compromising on flavour! Simply swap the sugar for monk fruit blend at a 1:1 ratio and you will save 2 PersonalPoints per serve.

Member tip: When tracking, remember to edit the ingredients list in your app to reflect the correct PersonalPoints.

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