Non stick simple baking

The WW loaf tin ensures perfect portions every time you bake. Save time measuring and guessing serving sizes as your loaf is portioned into slices before it goes into the oven. You'll also save SmartPoints as the non-stick silicone material means you don't need to grease the mould. WW loaf tin is BPA free and oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.


Preserve vitamins, textures and flavours

Cook the healthy way with little to no added fat with the new WW steamer. Suitable for both microwave and traditional oven, this compact kitchen tool lets you create savoury dishes and sweet treats whilst preserving vitamins, textures and flavours. With so many benefits, you can now create delicious, healthier meals in just minutes!


Fruit Crumble

Packed with fruit and flavour, this healthy twist on an all-time favourite dessert is only 4-8 PersonalPoints per serve!

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Thai Chicken

Save yourself time and washing up, with this amazing recipe that can be made entirely in the WW steamer! Bursting with Thai flavours, ready in just 20 minutes and only 1-3 PersonalPoints per serve, this Chicken stir-fry is about to become your new weeknight dinner go-to.

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Warm Tofu Salad

Stay satisfied with this delicious mix of capsicum, eggplant, tofu and spices. Ready in just 10 minutes and only 1-3 PersonalPoints, this is a perfect mid-week dinner recipe.

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